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With ibamboli® you can represent your dearest affections in an original and unique jewel...


Our artisanal

The ibamboli® jewelry are born exclusively for you with imagination, dedication...



Day after day, affection after affection, ibamboli® will accompany you ...

Precious bonds in a unique jewel, created just for you

Bracciale ibamboli®

Unite the things you love

With your ibamboli® jewel, you can unite your affections as they present themselves over time interlinking and bonding with your life.
Among the many different subjects you will find those that best represent them, mix and match them together following your heart.


with precious bonds

Choose from the many precious ibamboli® suggestions, the versions are right for you; in silver, in gold, the colourful versions with Cubik Zirconia crystals or the splendid made of natural and precious stones. The variety of the product range is guaranteed by the high quality of our materials. Link together your affections in a diverse personal mix and always take them with you.


in a unique jewel,

Your jewel is made unique as it mirrors your feelings, like memories that link to the different stages of life which have had an emotional footprint.
What makes an ibamboli® jewel special is the story it tells, a story that is entirely yours.


exclusively yours,

Your jewel of affections is made and personalized by you, and is therefore an exclusive "limited edition", no one can have one just like it, it will be only yours as it shows what you and only you, have within your heart.


created only for you.  

Our master goldsmiths will artisanally create, upon your request, your jewel of affections. It will come to life within their handsjust becauseyou want it to. Each of them will transmit, with an artistic touch, their personal imprint. They will transform the precious metal, with care and wisdom, into what is most precious to you. The small inaccuracies that you can encounter, will confirm the artisan authenticity.

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 Bracelet MAMMA - The novelty dedicated to the most special affection

Bracelet MAMMA - The novelty dedicated …

Again ipiccolini® are the protagonist of this new creation dedicated from ibamboli® to all the mothers and introduced in the occasion of Mother's Day on May 10th The bracelet MAMMA is...

A thought of LOVE

A thought of LOVE

LOVE by ibamboli® is a sweet gesture kept in a small but valuable jewel: the simple and universal language of affection held in a Worldwide understandable world...LOVE ibamboli® created the bracelet LOVE...

iprofili by ibamboli®

iprofili by ibamboli®

The latest news and original! The newest line jewel that enriches our proposals this year. As always unique, original and handmade by our master goldsmiths, come the new very personal silver...

ibamboli My wOrds dedicated only for you

ibamboli My wOrds dedicated only for you

Precious artisan plates engraved with words that speak about you, thought only for you, that cannot belong to anyone else. Approximately 50 characters including spaces for you to enclose your...

My StOry your dates to remember

My StOry your dates to remember

A new jewel signed ibamboli® to tell your exclusive story: ibamboli ® My Story the precious round flat pendant that with its barely noticeable circular artisan imperfection , like a...

Easy zip... a great commodity

Easy zip... a great commodity

Easy Zip by ibamboli® is a simple and innovative accessory used to fasten on your own bracelets. How many times have we tried fastening our own bracelet with no success...

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ibamboli® è il termine con cui in centri Italia e, soprattutto in Toscana, vengono chiamati i bambini in tono affettuoso; ed è proprio questa la parola utilizzata dal marito della...

Corriere Informazione

Tante le soluzioni offerte da ibamboli, piene di colori, uniche e rigorosamente fatte a mano che si intonano anche alla stagione calda. Leggi l'articolo su CorriereInformazione.it

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ibamboli® propongono per l'estate tanti gioielli colorati, allegri e personalizzabili: tante soluzioni piene di colori, uniche e rigorosamente fatte a mano... Leggi l'articolo su Le Shopping News.com

Cool Trendy Mood Magazine

iprofili by ibamboli®, nascono da un intuizione della jewelry designer Roberta Parilli che interpreta la selfie mania contemporanea in perfetto stile ibamboli, proponendo un nuovo gioiello personalizzabile realizzato a mano e...


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The ibamboli®'s summer, is color, joy and desire to be with the one we love most. Read the article on A spasso con Bea


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