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ibamboli® the jewel of the affections


Green Hill Due is a Milanese firm that has its headquarters and showroom located in Via Francesco Hayez 5 in Milan.

It produces its jewelry lines totally made ​​in Italy and also distributes its original creations all over Italy and abroad counting on over 300 authorized jewelry dealerships. The company, for more than nine years, consistently pursues with a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit its objective: to combine innovation and originality in modern proposals of excellent goldsmith handicraft. The enthusiasm and creativity of jewelry designer Roberta Parilli is forcing continuous evolution, while the skilled artisans who with care and dedication carry out all of her precious creations employing their mastery, the best Italian goldsmith tradition.

To date, there are ten craftsmen who are working for Green Hill Due whom contribute with their ancient technique to the success of this brand. Born in 2006 with a first collection in silver of ibamboli®, the jewel dedicated to our affections, whose unique and inimitable character comes to life right from the successful union of the original design combined to the artisanal as well as the refined fretwork with which every single piece is personalized on request.

The postponement of delivery in relation to the date of your order depends precisely on the artisanal work and personalization of each piece. The accurate workmanship including all its distinct phases of manual assembly and delivery of the completed jewel to our dealerships takes approximately two weeks.

Over time the company has developed several product lines always using precious materials and original fantasy, thus expanding the possibilities of combination and choice to compose diverse jewelry with precise and constant desire to transform them from mere objects of desire into inseparable companions in life.

Since 2012, Green Hill Due also produces BEMIND®, a line of trendy jewelry, for him and for her, aimed at an audience that is eager to follow the fashions of the moment and the new trends.

Accessible luxury jewelry, produced with the philosophy of artisan production, an essential “must” to the firm.

Roberta Parilli and Green Hill Due have always been committed to the project of solidarity Pyari. The Milanese NPO provides health care, education and awareness of their rights, to street children of West Bengal in India, thus providing the foundation for future professional training that ensures their independence and an improved quality of life. www.pyarionlus.org

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Diverse and artisan are the processing stages that give life to the precious ibamboli®. From the "mother" the wax mould where the metal is shaped and all our collections are born, to the manual processing performed by our craftsmen, masters of the great Italian goldsmith tradition, with care and creativity.

Even the embedding of stones and crystal pavé is performed strictly by hand like all the other stages of assembly for bracelets, chokers and necklaces, rings, key chains and earrings, even the interweaving of the lanyards of the new bracelets, made even more resistant after the addition of carbon fibre.

  • Filing

    Filing and cleaning of the raw subject removed from the mold.
  • Polishing

    Polishing of the subject that is now customized and completed.
  • Personalisation

    Creative writing stage necessary to personalise and complete the hole for the insertion of hacksaw. 
  • Fretwork

    Delicate and skilled manual fretwork.
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    Now part of the "family",  ibamboli® Pets that have become a real collection with many nice races. Find your own !!.The new unisex bracelets all gold and color, imOkO d'oro. They have been inspired by the famous tattoo Maori, recognition of achievement and success for men and women.



    The silver counter display is dedicated to new ibamboli® colors in winter version and a mini brochure accompanies the success of the new jewel ibamboli® My Story.

    Easy Zip is the new innovative bracelet fastener signed ibamboli® is waiting for you in our jewelry dealerships located all over Italy.

    Coming soon: a new website for ibamboli® and new creations to customize.

    On Facebook over 71.000 of you, follow our pages! Follow us also on Twitter and Instagram!


    Our new catalogue Casetta is now being distributed in our dealerships in order to suggest many occasions for a gift.

    For the summer we propose a new, colourful and fun version of ibamboli® which was officially presented to the press and all our clients at an exclusive poolside event in Milan. The new beautiful and colourful countertop display is in all our jewelry dealerships, now more than 300 in all of Italy and has great success.

    Roberta, for Christmas, prepares another new original idea to put under the tree, a new jewelry line to always bring with you. ibamboli® My stOry the precious and artisanal pendant for you to personalize with your most important dates.



    A year of many novelties presented at the prestigious Basel Watch and Jewelry Fair and at Las Vegas JCK Fair such as the new collection of ibamboli® in a miniature “prêt à porter” version, the ipiccolissimi®, the exclusive pink and gleaming ribbon dedicated to the ipietroski®.

    The BeMind® collection expands with precious suggestions for men. The ibamboli® website is updated and the new BeMind® website has been launched.

    Our jewelry dealerships display the ibamboli® countertop display and the new complete catalogue.



    From Roberta's creative inspiration a new idea was born: BeMind®, beside ibamboli® is a line of fashion jewelry dedicated to following the trend of the moment: thin black rope, silver, and coloured pavé crystals for more feminine and chic summer.




    ibamboli® are dressed in sparkling crystals ... ipietroski® are the new protagonists of Christmas


    The family of ibamboli® expands ... ipietrosi® with little eyes made of precious natural stones and  ... ipiccolini®, the ibamboli® "mignon" version come to life.

    One success after another! There are now over 36 ibamboli® products to choose from.

    The shop windows in Italy are increasing.


    The little house is presented, the new subject that best represents the family. ibamboli®’s silver collection is backed up by a new sophisticated version in gold and precious stone pavé.


    The first ibamboli® subjects ,are joined by popular demand by other subjects such as the horse, rabbit ... not only in 925 sterling silver but also in gold 375, a novelty offered in three versions: yellow, white and pink. ibamboli® are also in Rome.


    "ibamboli® the jewel of the affections is born with the first bracelet that Roberta, dedicated to children's fashion, created with the help of an expert craftsman, by joining the small silver silhouettes of her children and fretworking their name on each one of them ... the name of her "Bamboli" (just like Roberta and her husband called their four children).

    The bracelet is a great success among her friends, they all wanted their "Bamboli", thus was born the first collection where among the affections appear the cat, the dog, the four-leaf clover and the symbol par excellence of affection, the heart.

    ibamboli® are displayed in the top shop windows of Milan.



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Isabella Marini


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