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Bracelet MAMMA - The novelty dedicated to the most special affection

Again ipiccolini® are the protagonist of this new creation dedicated from ibamboli® to all the mothers and introduced in the occasion of Mother's Day on May 10th

The bracelet MAMMA is a symbol of immeasurable love that tie the mother to her family.

Two different versions for this news: in 925°°° silver on a forzatina chain in 925°°°, on black or colored hand braided line with hooks and small parts in silver 925°°°.

There is no waiting period for this, the latest news will be present in our dealership jewelry shortly!!

A thought of LOVE

LOVE by ibamboli® is a sweet gesture kept in a small but valuable jewel: the simple and universal language of affection held in a Worldwide understandable world...LOVE

ibamboli® created the bracelet LOVE in the ipiccolini® collection, for a thought of love that lasts the whole year, to be given for Valentine's Day and not only.

Boy and Girl joined by a heart and a four-leaf clover, four letters hand-fretworked on each little shape to compose the world LOVE. The heart symbolizes the love that binds two peolple together and four-leaf clover the hope that it will be forever.

A positive message, auspicious and full of emotion, entrusted to the family of ipiccolini®, with its subjects only 2 cm tall, in 925°°° silver, 375°°° yellow and pink gold and hand-fretworked with only one letter. They are available on an adjustable braided rope or on a silver chain.

iprofili by ibamboli®


The latest news and original!

The newest line jewel that enriches our proposals this year. As always unique, original and handmade by our master goldsmiths, come the new very personal silver jewelry nickel free 925 °°°: iprofili by ibamboli ®

ibamboli My wOrds dedicated only for you

Precious artisan plates engraved with words that speak about you, thought only for you, that cannot belong to anyone else. Approximately 50 characters including spaces for you to enclose your dedicated and unique thought.

A new original idea which adds itself to the traditional, artisanal customisation fil rouge from the ibamboli® line. After the My StOry jewelry with the dates of a lifetime engraved on them, now arrive the exclusive dedications that, engraved on our new My wOrds jewels, will accompany you throughout your life.

The My wOrds plate is available in 2 versions:

  • 925 Sterling silver
  • 375 gold

in white, yellow and pink.

In silver with central perforation in 4 subjects:

  • Heart
  • Girl
  • Boy
  • Four-leaf Clover

Meanwhile in gold a diamond is mounted centrally.

Assembled on a hand braided thin rope with hooks and details in silver. On a chain or waxed cotton lace, the artisan plate gives life to bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings and key rings.

All the jewelry from the ibamboli® line are produced Totally made in Italy.

My StOry your dates to remember

A new jewel signed ibamboli® to tell your exclusive story: ibamboli ® My Story the precious round flat pendant that with its barely noticeable circular artisan imperfection , like a tableau it shows the indelible engraved dates of our personal evolution.

Easy zip... a great commodity

Easy Zip by ibamboli® is a simple and innovative accessory used to fasten on your own bracelets. How many times have we tried fastening our own bracelet with no success having to then ask someone for help?

Now with Easy zip you can do this yourself, in just a few seconds. Easy zip is exclusively distributed in Italy by ibamboli® in the best jewelers. A great idea at a small price (€ 8). Easy zip can be an essential accessory as well as an original and useful gift in nice gift box


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